IconicTV, a successful multi-channel network,  combines top-tier talent with best-in-class brands to create premium channels for the digital media & pay-television platforms
"TV revolutions don't come along every day: U.S. and International Pay TV in the 80's & 90's, and Digital TV in the '00's.  Though in its early days, Revolution #3 has begun, over-the-top video is here to stay and it's tremendously exciting--  and not incidentally, Fun!--  for me & my colleagues at IconicTV to be a part of it." 


- Larry Aidem, President/CEO ​


800M+ views
1.5M+ subscribers
"The new terrain lies in between TV and the Internet. It requires a nimbleness and, where appropriate, a humility to be open to all the change that is approaching." 








- Michael Hirschorn, Co-Founder/CCO

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